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Crooked Kingdom Book Review

Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

This was so freaking good. Its up there with A Court of Mist and Fury. Man, Bardugo's writing has improved so much since The Grisha Trilogy (and I loved that series too). These character's are fantastic from start to finish, they drip sarcasm and humor. I was snorting out loud at many lines in this one.


Crooked Kingdom starts off where Six of Crows leaves us, Inej is being held and its up to our favorite crew to save her. Meanwhile the stakes are higher than ever for Kaz to get his money.


I can't honestly decide which character I love more. Kaz's badass remarks to lead a crew, Inej's snarkiness, Nina's powers, Mathias's love and strengthen..Wylan for just being Wylan and of course Jesper. Then there are background characters that are just as great like Jesper's father and Wylan's mother. Bardugo manages to write personalities for these characters that just make you fall in love.


Crooked Kingdom has a little bit of everything, humor, adventure, fantasy, romance (all the ships). I really think there's something for everyone to love. It's long but it not once feels boring.


Thank goodness Bardugo just picked up a new series because I really, really want more books by this author. I could easily use another one in this series, but it is fitting for it to be a duology and it does have a well written ending. Go read this series if you haven't!!