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Metaltown Book Review

Metaltown - Kristen Simmons

I'm starting to really like Kristen Simmons. Metaltown was a quick and fun read. Great characters and a very interesting world. One that I can plausibly see happening in the future 


Lena's the daughter of the richest family in Metaltown, but things aren't as perfect as they seem. Within Metaltown, Ty and Colin follow the rules, work hard and keep your heads down, don't get into trouble. The three need to work together if they want things to change...and they find out just how hard that is.


I loved these characters. Usually when there's more than one POV, I find myself liking one character more than the other, and generally wishing there was just one POV. But that wasn't the case here. I wanted more of each, and yes, I liked Colin the most, but Lena and Ty were such strong characters they were hard not to like. And no, this isn't exactly a love triangle if you're afraid to read it because of that.