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Every Exquisite Thing Book Review

Every Exquisite Thing - Matthew Quick

Eh, I can't say I felt a lot when I finished this one. I didn't totally love it but I didn't totally hate it. One of those just okay books. The characters annoyed me more than not. But I appreciate the fact that Quick unabashedly discussed teenage issues like sex and other things.


Nanette is in her senior year. She's the star of the soccer team and all set to go to college. The problem is, she doesn't even know if she wants to play soccer or go to college. But everyone, including her parents are counting on her. Then she reads the Bubblegum Wrapper and it changes her life. From meeting the author to falling in love. Nanette truly starts to learn exactly who she is.


This is an odd little book. It bugged me when it went from first person to third person. Nanette seemed a bit too naive for me (maybe because I'm not longer a teen and in my late twenties?).


Its one of those books that I would only recommend to mature teens, because it does deal with some tough topics. I haven't read Silver Linings Playbook yet but am interested in the author enough to do so.