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The Hike Book Review

The Hike - Drew Magary

The Hike is one of the most messed up books I have ever read. I literally kept asking what the hell was going on through the majority of the plot. This is definitely one of those books people are either going to love or hate for its weirdness.


Ben is a normal suburban family man from Maryland. He's off on a work trip when he decides to take a break and go on a typical hike in the woods. But it ends up being anything but typical when he catches a murder and is suddenly running for his life. Things just get crazier from there, from talking crabs to attacking scorpions. Ben has to figure out what in the world is going on in this new world.


Again, just plain messed up. I listened to the audio book of this one, and it really felt like I was listening to someones version of an acid trip. I was hooked enough to find out what was even going on but I finished the book feeling even more confused then ever. From giants to crabs to murderers Drew Magary is not afraid to shy away from the weird, and that might be his regular thing, but its not really for me...