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Before the FAll Book Review

Before the Fall - Noah Hawley

This was a lot of fun and a very fast paced read! I especially loved the writing style and the setting used for the book, it felt unique and different then your typical what happened and why did the plane crash type of story.


Scott and a four year old boy are the only survivors in a private jet plane crash. Now everyone in the media and society thinks Scott had something to do with the crash, all because he survived and wasn't actually supposed to be on the trip. Looking back at each of the passengers we learn that not everyone on the plane was exactly Mr. Nice. But what really happened to the plane and why exactly did it crash?


I liked reading about Scott and his new relationship with the young boy. I think this is a very realistic approach to these types of plane crashes, thus a bit of an anticlimactic ending. A fun and fast read that I'd definitely recommend.