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Heartless Book Review

Heartless - Marissa Meyer

I really enjoyed Marissa Myers new book. It's not as fast paced as the Lunar Chronicles was but its a great retelling of Alice In Wonderland and her fans are bound to love it.


Catherine is set to marry the king and become queen. But all she really wants is to open a bakery and be her own person, but her parents and the king sure aren't going to let her do that. Then Jest, the towns joker gets Catherine set in a whirlwind of an adventure and she is dead set on not becoming the king's wife. The question is, how does she make that happen?


Marissa Meyer is a hell of a good writer. She's one of the best YA writers in the science fiction genre. I have yet to be disappointed by her. Jest is such a yummy and fun character to read about, Catherine is that strong female protagonist we all want. And of course the funny Chesire cat.


It looks like this is set to be just a solo book. Which is awesome, especially with how it end (no spoilers)...but it really does leave me wanting more of this world.