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A Man Called Ove Book Review

A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman

This really is not my genre at all but it was so well written and the audio book was well produced I had a hard time not enjoying. The ending especially made it very well rounded and a great read. 


A man called Ove is about Ove, a man in his fifties who is just grumpy about everything, his OCD doesn't help the case. Ove is a man who sticks to rules and principles and gets very annoyed by things he dislikes. In this book, we learn about his life story, how he met his wife and beyond. 


This really is a very good book discussion book. It has a lot of depth in characterization and raises a lot of questions about life in general. 


Highly recommended, for its slower paced, somewhat humorous plot. I think many people will relate to this character and his tendencies.