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All In Pieces Book Review

All in Pieces - Suzanne Young

This was okay. It was a quick read and pretty typical with Suzanne Young books where everything pretty much sucks for the main character -- it felt a bit TOO much in this case. Having an autistic brother I really appreciated that she added that storyline how Savannah related to her younger brother.


Savannah's life is a living hell. Her father hates her and her brother who is autistic. Her mother left years ago so she's in charge. She's sent to a new school because she got in a fight and then there's ex Patrick who just won't leave her alone.


I really would have liked this more if at least Savannah had a stable family life. I think it would have been more beneficial to see a loving parent with an autistic child then a raving drunk for a dad.


I always like Young's characters and did enjoy Savannah and Cameron as well as Cameron's relationship to her brother, Evan.


I'd say most Suzanne Young fans are going to enjoy this one. Its nothing out of the ordinary for her, but a quick read and enjoyable characters (as well as characters that you loathe).