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Until Friday Night Book Review

Until Friday Night (A Field Party) - Abbi Glines

Eh, the characters are okay in this one but I really felt like the plot was wayyy too over dramatic to enjoy. I partially think its because I'm not a teen any more so I had more qualms with how the characters reacted to situations then I may have ten years ago.


Maggie doesn't speak anymore, not since she watched her mother die. Now she's living with her cousin Brady and her aunt and uncle. West is the star of the football team and Brady's best friend. But no one knows he's watching his father die at home. When Maggie and West meet there's an immediate connection. Problem is, Brady has warned the entire football team to stay away from his cousin....


This isn't really anything new in contemporary YA, jock is a jerk, girl is a bit of a Mary Sue. The two fall in love almost at first sight...yada yada.


It's definitely more for mature teens as it deals with death in the family and there are some sexual scenes throughout.