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The Reader Book Review

The Reader - Traci Chee

I finished my reading goal of 200 books for 2016! Too bad it ended on one that was really disappointing. I was really looking forward to reading the Reader but it ended up being so slow. 


Sefia is on the run, her parents gone, her father brutally murdered and now her Aunt kidnapped. All because she has this book, in a world where people don't know how to read, Sefia seems to posses the power to do so. Then she meets a boy, Archer. And the two work together to stay safe and find her hopefully in the end find her Aunt. 


The world is a bit confusing and not very well put, as others have said in their reviews, its near impossible to write about a world with no reading, people read all the time without really realizing it. 


I wanted to like this one and was hoping for a fun new fantasy series, but unfortunately its just not the case.