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Summer of Sloane Book Review

Summer of Sloane - Erin L. Schneider

Off to a good start for 2017. I really enjoyed Summer of Sloane. And yes, having just gone to Hawaii in September I'm sort of obsessed with anything in Hawaii. So I loved that this was based in Honolulu and that I recognized a lot of the spots mentioned. 


School just ended and its summer which for Sloane is the worst summer so far. She just found out that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend and got her best friend pregnant. Luckily, Sloane is off to Hawaii with her twin brother to see her mom for the summer. There she meets Finn, can she learn to trust again? And should she ever talk to her old boyfriend and best friend ever again. 


There were a couple of things I really enjoyed about this one...1. It's based in Hawaii 2. It has twin sbilings (I love teen siblings in YA books) 3. The characters were a lot of fun, and totally relatable. 


I'd highly recommend this to anyone wanting to read about some Hawaiin sun as well as a great teen romance with lots of angst.