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Word of Mouse Book Review

Word of Mouse - James Patterson, Joe Sutphin

This is a super cute elementary/middle grade book. Its very reminiscent of Beverly Cleary's Mouse and the Motorcycle series. I think kids are going to love this, plus its James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, my guess is mostly Grabenstein.


Isaiah has lived in a factory all his life. But when he escapes his family gets left behind. Now he's on his own and no to mention the color blue! But then he finds a whole big family and a girl named Hailey. Just maybe he'll find somewhere to fit in and get his family back again.


I'm really loving all of Grabenstein's books, I loved Jacky Ha-Ha, which was also written with Patterson, the library Olympics are so much fun and I'm looking forward to anything he writes because Word of Mouse is another great read.


Perfect for children of any age, especially if families want to read it together.