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By Your Side Book Review

By Your Side - Kasie West

Okay, so, so far I really have only enjoyed On the Fence by Kasie West. I was super excited for a book about a girl stuck in a library with a boy, but honestly? I thought this was just awful. There are so many plot holes involved and the anxiety and illness really wasn't handled well. 


Autumn finds herself suddenly locked in the library for the weekend. With no way out. And worst of all she's stuck in there with a boy, Dax. Autumn has anxiety, but none of her friends know, she only hopes she can keep her cool while stuck in the school library with the mysterious and somewhat gorgeous Dax. 


Ugh. First of all West didn't do her research. The not being able to use public computers was realistic. But the library not having any phones? NO. And what about emergency exits? Also NO. This just would never actually happen the way it does and I couldn't get through it without eye rolling every few pages. 


And the anxiety felt very poorly written. I know several people that suffer from anxiety and while I myself don't I have seen it and have seen how hard it is for people to deal with. I just didn't find it believable in By Your Side, and I really don't feel like West understands just how hard it is to live with it. 


So disappointed by this one. I almost didn't even finish it.