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The Silent Songbird Book Review

The Silent Songbird - Melanie Dickerson

This is my first Melanie Dickerson book and I really want to read more by her. I don't read a lot of historical fiction but this in all honesty felt more like a romance that happened to take place years ago. I really enjoyed the characters and the plot. Not once was I bored and it took me about three hours to read. 


Evangaline has been set to marry a cruel man thanks to King Richard. Instead of doing what he wants she decides to run away. When she's successful she ends in a village with a boy named Westley le Wyse. Problem is, she's pretending to be someone else and a mute. They have no idea just how important of a person she really is. 


So I do feel a bit bad because I didn't even realize this was a retelling of the little mermaid until reading other reviews (oops) but that didn't deter me from liking the book. I guess I just didn't spot the similarities and without knowing ahead of reading had no idea to look out for them. Other than that its a fun read!