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The Girl Before Book Review

The Girl Before: A Novel - J.P. Delaney

Probably more of a 2.5 start reviewed than a 3 star. I will give it credit, it kept me interested until the end, I wanted to know just how Emma died. But this book, these characters and the relationship are all so messed up I don't really know what to think. It was hard to like any of them, Edward is a control freak, Jane made me want to slap her on several occasions, Emma was a psychopath and Simon was probably the most likeable but for obvious reasons...


Jane can't afford rent so when she finds the house on Folgate street she knows she has to take it. But there are rules, no kids being just one of them. The house has all the latest gadgets and then there's Edward, the creator. But what they didn't tell Jane before she decided to live there was that Emma, a girl who lived there before was killed in the house, possibly murdered.


This book goes back and forth from Jane (now) and Emma (then). It was interesting to see the differences in how each woman lived in the house. But really, this book is like Smart House meets Fifty Shades. And its all kinds of messed up.


Kinda spoilery:


There were parts that made me really angry, for instance (and I may be getting political here), if you are having unprotected sex and aren't able to handle having a child with autism you SHOULDN'T be having sex. A child with autism is not an excuse to go running and have an abortion. Jane made me so mad here I almost stopped listening it.


It's a book you are either going to love or hate depending on your reading style.