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Ashfall - Mike Mullin An apocalyptic tale following the story of young, 15 year old Alex. Alex is home alone when the supervalcano at Yellowstone erupts. A terrifying experience in its own, loud booming noises, ash constantly falling, darkness surrounds him. The worst part is. His family is in Warren, Illinois. With nothing left for him at home Alex makes it his mission to travel to Warren to find his parents and younger sister.

This is a very detailed, almost disgustingly so. Making it realistic and horrifying to think abut. Things like going to the bathroom, surviving in the cold, murderers and rapists on the loose. The only other apocalypse story I've read is the Rot and Ruin series. I find myself really enjoying them. Even more so than Dystopians. If only because they seem more realistic and well written.

The ending was a little disappointing to me. There isn't a climatic scene or big cliffhanger. But the writing and characterization makes up for it.

I loved Darla, a girl who Alex meets along the way. She's a tough character who knows how to take care of her self. Which is really relieving to read about.

I will definitely be reading the sequel to find out what happens with Alex and Darla, how the world is surviving months into an Ashfallen land. Highly recommended!!