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Stardust - Neil Gaiman Neither loved nor hated this little book. Another one I listened to, I quite enjoyed that it was Gaiman himself reading.

Though our Protagonist is a 17 year old male, this is certainly not a young adult book,(the movie may make it seem that way.) As I'm sure a lot of the reviews say, this is a very dark and twisted side of Stardust. There is also fairly graphic sex and violence. Which I don't mind reading, but wasn't expecting since I thought it was a YA.

Tristian finds himself off on a thrilling adventure to find a fallen star for the girl he loves. Naturally, it becomes quite a story. From Unicorns, evil witches and talking human stars Gaiman has certainly produced a fantastical land.

However, I just had a hard time paying attention to this one. I wasn't drawn to the characters (always a biggie for me) or the fantasy creatures. Not my favorite from Gaiman, but certainly a must if you love his work and fantasy.