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Article 5 Book Review

Article 5  - Kristen Simmons

As I stated on an earlier post I actually read this not all that long ago (during the summer sometime). I really, really enjoyed it but never gave it a full review.


We find ourselves in a time when The Bill of Rights doesn't exist, citizens in America (because who ever knows what goes on in other countries during these Dystopians?) have lost their rights. Article 5 replaces it. With strict rules on what you can and cannot do. What books you can have or not have, what you can wear, what you can say, etc. Ember and her friends have to be very careful at school or their teachers will report them.


Naturally, like every Dystopian story things go a little awry. Ember is taken away as well as her mother. Managing to escape Ember and her long lost (now soldier) boyfriend escape making him an AWOL and Ember a wanted fugitive. Wrought with nerves and questions about Chase and whether or not she can trust him Ember does some dumb things throughout their travels leading to worse scenario's.


I really enjoyed the relationship part of this book, and that's a major part of it. We learn about Ember and Chase before Chase left. We learn about Chase's history with the war and why he acts the way he does now. Ember can be obnoxious at point and does several careless things.


But I enjoyed the relationship and the idea of the story enough to have trouble putting it down (even a second time around).


Very excited to read the third and final book in this trilogy!