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Wild Cards Book Review

WILD CARDS - Simone Elkeles

I have some issues with this book and that's mainly because the description for it is very misleading making you think its a book about football and trying to get to champions with a side taste of a teenage romance.


It's quite the opposite. Ashtyn Parker, a girl football player, a kicker, dating the QB  wants to win champions, get a scholarship and impress her father. Derek Fitzpatrick, a troublemaker gets expelled from his boarding school in California is shipped off to live with his young stepmother and stepbrother in Chicago. His dreams of football are behind him after his mother died of cancer.


Ashtyn and Derek meet and live together, not to mention are somewhat related. The QB boyfriend gets jealous of Ashton making captain and leaves for their rivals.


Now, the description leads you to believe this book is all about Ashton trying to get Derrick to play football with them and getting a scholarship. When its more about these two arguing, being helplessly in love with each other yet refusing to tell one another. Derrick is constantly trying to protect Ashtyn. Ashtyn is trying to hide her feelings and wants to be independent.


I had a lot of problems with Ashtyn. Her opinions being back and forth with Derrick, her monologues being obnoxious and self righteous, for a tough football chick she sure falls fast.


This would have been better if it focused more on football, more on the guys on her team, Jett (sp?), Victor, Trey, etc. Though an enjoyable book, be forewarned its not really about football like one may think.


I was originally going to give this two stars but the ending made up for it, a cute, though somewhat predictable end for this couple leaves you smiling and wanting a Derek for yourself.


Audiobook: This might be the first audio book I wasn't really impressed with. The southern draws annoyed me, the readers sounded tense and somewhat bored with the dialogue (that could be because the writing isn't the best I've heard.) I would recommending reading this one over listening to it.