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Splintered Book Review

Splintered - A.G. Howard

It is often said not to judge or pick a book by its cover. Even as a librarian, I disagree. The only reason I picked this book off the shelf was because of its gorgeous cover, as I'm sure many others did. The actual book design is beautiful with purple print and lovely chapter openings. For that alone, I'd say check out this book.


Alyssa Gardner has an insane mom who believes that Alice in Wonderland is real. Alyssa has been hearing voices her whole life, bugs and plants talking, she's afraid she's going insane herself. Until, she finds out Wonderland might actually be real and that her family is cursed.To stop the curse she dives into Wonderland with her best friend Jeb. Though, based on Alice in Wonderland it doesn't in anyway have a similar plot form. We see some similar characters and familiar places but this book is unique and original.


Alyssa is an interesting character in her own. But my favorite would have to be her best friend/romance, Jeb. He's protective, loyal, and full of heart. The two go on a whirlwind adventure in Wonderland never straying from each other.


The romance and friendship is beautifully written as is the magic of Wonderland. Anyone looking for faeries and that taste of magic will certainly find it in Splintered.