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Three Book Review

Three  - Kristen Simmons

*Warning. Spoilers for Book One and Two Possible*


And I breathe a sigh of happiness. For once I feel complete and total relief with a Dystopian series.


Ember and Chase are looking for a new resistance base and the stragglers of the destroyed base they found at the end of Breaking Point. Three is growing stronger and resistance is on the horizon. A book filled with fighting, romance, and hope. Ember fights for her family, for Chase, for Sean and Rebecca and for a country looking for endurance.


I've always have found it strange that Dystopians seem to only happen in America and no other countries are mentioned. I almost gave a laugh when Kristen Simmon's brings up different countries and what they're doing during this Article 5 nonsense and the start of a rebellion. I was thrilled and pleased with something different.


Ember has grown so much. She started off whiny and obnoxious in Article 5. Now she's ready and willing to fight, to become the resistance, to join Three, to be with Chase.


And that brings me to Chase. I absolutely love Chase. Between him and Sean we have two of my favorite male characters in a Dystopian series. Thank goodness there isn't a triangle. That would have put a damper on the entire series.


The only reason I'm giving this four stars and not five is because the ending does feel rushed, the action, the fighting, the resistance all happens within the last 50 pages or so. However, that's not to say the rest of the book was boring and too informative like that of Divergent.


Simmon's pulled through and was able to deliver a well rounded Dystopian trilogy without falling flat in the finale.