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The Prey Book Review

The Prey - Andrew Fukuda

*Spoiler's for books one, The Hunt*


This might be the weirdest young adult book I've read. And that's saying something because I read a lot. I really enjoyed the quirkiness and odd behaviors from book one, The Hunt, but things just got a little too bizarre for me in the sequel, The Prey.


This book picks up a day later with Gene, Sissy, and the other hepers (a.k.a humans) on the raft running away from the hunters (a.k.a animalistic vampires). Gene has just found out that the scientist is actually his father and now the humans mission is to keep Gene safe.


The Prey is certainly full of action and never actually bores you. My problem with this book is that 90% of the time I felt like I was in a completely different world from the first one. The hunters were mentioned maybe two or three times until the final scenes. We see a strange world filled with pregnant teenagers, disgusting elders, and naive characters (even after they've been trapped in a dome all their lives).


Much of the first book focused on Gene trying to be a hunter, trying to stay alive, to fit in. We learned many aspects of how the hunters live. The Prey seemed to forget all that, such as the fact they can easily smell when a human is near by. Gene and the others hide multiple times in the dark from hunters at the end of the book, wouldn't they be easily smelled? Yea, I was confused.


The characters are rather obnoxious, easily convinced by strangers, and turn on each other in a matter of minutes. I wasn't convinced.


When I wanted a world full of vampires, chases, and fights, I mostly got a strange little Dystopian town that feels out of place and really just weird-ed me out. A decent enough book on its own, but as a sequel left me disappointed.


Audiobook: I think the only reason I finished this book was because I listened to it. Though, its nothing special it kept me interested and more involved with the story. I would've have liked hearing different voices and expressions with each character as there were many of them.