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Notorius Nineteen Book Review

Notorious Nineteen - Janet Evanovich

These books are just fun. There's nothing overly special to this specific book, especially it being the 19th book in the Stephanie Plum series. I do suggest you read them all in order (its just easier to understand the characters that way.)


This time around someone is after Ranger. One of his old buddies from fighting in the war has gone a bit crazy and he's targeting Ranger and his friends, that includes Stephanie. Stephanie is set up as Rangers body guard and things get a little interesting. There are of course the handful of bizarre skips that need to come in for bail, Lula's craziness and their obsession with food, Grandma Mazur and her usual kookiness, however we didn't see much of the funeral going, which was nice for a change. And of course, Morelli.


A big part of these books is whether or not you like Ranger or Morelli more. I really can't decide. Especially since Stephanie seems to have decided who she wants to live and have a life with more by book 19. I'd be happy with either man in her life.


Audiobook: Makes it that much more enjoyable. The reader is funny and does a different accent and voice for each character. This is my first Stephanie Plum book on audio and I wish I listened to the first 18 as well.