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Rose Under Fire Book Review

Rose Under Fire - Elizabeth Wein

If I had known this book existed about a month ago, when I listened to Code Name Verity, I would have picked it up automatically. That being said I'm very glad I randomly found this on the library shelf because it is absoultely brilliant, so utterly heartbreaking to listen to, and a book you will never forget.


Though, as much as I loved it, and felt for the characters, I don't think its as clever or strong as Code Name Verity. But that really show's how strong of a writer Elizabeth Wein is. I will certainly read anything she writes in the future.


Code Name Verity gave us Maddie and Julies story and their tale of friendship during the war. Though Maddie is mentioned and shown briefly as Rose's friend, this book is all about Rose Justice's story. An American Taxi-pilot working for the United Kingdom is arrested for landing in the wrong airfield and taken to a prisoner, ending up in a women's concentration camp, Ravensbruck . Where she meets and befriends young women who were used for terrible, awful, medical examinations. These friendships in the end is what saves her life. 

"Hope is the most treacherous thing in the world. It lifts you and lets you plummet."

The most amazing thing to me about these characters and this story, was that they were able to maintain and hold on to hope. Even through beatings, whippings, experiments, cold, starvation; the worst possible things you can imagine.


We do learn Rose's fate halfway through the book taking the suspense down a notch. But, further into listening to her story, you really come to realize that's not what this book is about. It's about friendship, its about survival, courage, and above all, remaining true to yourself and finding hope in the worst situations.


The hardest part about this book, and others like it, is that we know it happened. We know people were cruel enough to treat others they thought less of them, in such terrible ways. That millions died never knowing what happened to the ones they loved and the outcome of the war. Ravensbruck is real. Though these characters are not, they're base upon actual people and real life, horrowing events.  It's certainly a plot filled with amazing characters that I won't be able to forget anytime soon.


Audio book: The thing about listening to books, is that you really feel like your a part of the story. The words and characters surround your mind for quite a few days, making everything seem a little more real. Perfect for a book like, Rose Under Fire. The only issue I came across is that there are a lot of international names and places, while its great knowing how their pronounced, I really have no idea how to spell most of them. But, that's always a downside when listening to books.