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Marked Book Review

Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

Oh Cast ladies, I don't know what to do with you. Looking through the goodreads reviews people either hate this book or love it. There seems to be a lot of hate. Which I totally get. But for the most part, I found this book somewhat enjoyable (for a cheesy, drama "vampire" book.)


Zoey Redbird was just your typical high school popular girl, dating the quarterback and having the best friend in the world, until she is marked by a tracker and to be sent to the vampire world and House Of Night. Everything changes, her friends don't want to look at her, her mother can't even support her, and her body is changing into something different. Zoey contains vast amounts of power for a fledgling vampire. Her and her friends are tying to figure her life out as well as defeat the big bad bully of the Dark Sisters.


There are three major issues that made this book much less enjoyable for me:


1. The Main Character: Zoey is awful. Where Bella Swan is dull, Zoey Redbird is a judgmental bitch. For most of the the book she's shallow, inconsiderate, and spends too much time trying to fit in. For example, wanting to make out and experience different types of sex with someone you love does not make you "uncool" or a slut. She at least has a little bit of character development during the end of the book and becomes somewhat more insufferable.


2. Weak Enemies: Much of the book is spent dissing the big bad leader of the Dark Sisters, Aphrodite. She's not even "bad." More of a spoiled, rich, brat. I kept trying to figure out why Zoey and her friends even spent so much time on Aphrodite. Sure she wasn't the nicest person out there, but she's not worth the attention. Maybe with some stronger enemies the suspense scenes would have been a tad bit more exciting.


3. Confusing "Vampire Attributes: Vampire fledglings, aka, "new vampires" aren't even supposed to drink human blood. Well, none of them are (shocker). Something about the change makes you die if you're "weak," yea I'm not sure what that means either. There are several rituals done throughout the book, and I mean several. I kept having to remind myself during these scenes that they were vampires not witches. In fact, can we make them witches instead?


There are some good things, Zoey's friends at the House of Night are a unique set of teens making the plot somewhat entertaining. Eric is rather hot as well. Looking forward to see where that relationship goes (if I can get through the rest of the series).


Audiobook: Definitely might be the best part about the whole thing. The reader really dives into the actions and the dynamics of each scene. From valley girl voices to country twang, she easily pulled of accents.