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AngelFall Book Review

Angelfall  - Susan Ee

I was really excited to get to finally get to this book. The reviews on Goodreads rave about it. But, I must say, I'm probably one of the few that just isn't all that into it. Is it good? Yes. Will you enjoy it? Most likely. But for me, its not my favorite book out there.


The world was taken over by warrior like angel six weeks ago. Penryn has always taken care of her slightly insane mother and crippled little sister, Paige. One night they witness an angel battle and Paige is taken by the warrior angels. During this battle, Raffe gets his wings cut off and is almost killed. Penryn saves him and the two work together to find her sister and hopefully fix his wings.


I really liked Raffe and wish we had more scenes of him kicking ass. Instead there's a lot of fights showing Penryn and her fighting skills. Penryn seems almost too comfortable with this apocalyptic world. Its only been six weeks and everyone is acting like angels have taken over the world for quite some time. That was a huge plot hole for me. A resistance being able to pull off an attack this soon after cities were desecrated? I found it a little hard to believe.


The scenes with the angels are very enjoyable. Having watched the hit-show Supernatural for years now its cool to see a book following a similar plot line in warrior like angels.


However, the one thing that maybe bothered me the most was the simplicity of the writing. Short and choppy sentences and unrealistic quotes that made me kind of laugh. While reading it to myself I found Penryn's thoughts rather dull and rhythmic. 

"I lean into his strength until I realize what I'm doing. I pull back abruptly. I don't have the luxury of leaning on anyone's strength, least of all an angels."

Though, not my favorite book out there, I'm interested enough to continue the series and see what Susan EE does with Raffe and Penryn.