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Incarceron Book Review

Incarceron  - Catherine Fisher, S. November, Sammy Yuen

What a fun fantasy to dive into! Another one of those books I randomly pulled off the library shelf - boy am I glad I did! Fantasy at its best. It's really been quite some time since I have read a pure fantasy young adult book. Incarceron is an excellent one to suck you right in.


Finn and his friends have been stuck in Incarceron their entire lives. Incarceron is a living, breathing, talking jail. They know nothing other than this place. In fact, most of the "prisoners" don't believe there's a world out there. But Finn is different.


Claudia is the daughter of the Warden. A soon to be queen, to be betrothed to a prince she hates. Along with her mentor, Jared, Claudia's world has always feared her father. But, her life has been fairly normal and seemingly perfect.


Everything changes when the two find magical keys that connect to one another. Claudia no longer wants normalcy, doesn't want to become queen married to the insufferable Casper. Finn wants out. He knows he doesn't belong. The two will do anything they can to find one another. Catherine Fisher has truly created a magical and memorable world.


Though, it may seem like a sappy romance its not. In fact there is hardly any romance at all. Though, I think it hints at further relations between Finn and Claudia.


My one complaint is that it did take me much longer to get into Finn's story, whereas Claudia's had me hooked from the very beginning. As well as the fact that the background characters seem to have stronger characterization than either Claudia or Finn. Especially Jared. Which comes to the point that Finns and Claudia's friendship/relationship seems a little forced, I know I'm rooting for Jared and Claudia.


I am certainly looking forward to the sequel!


Audiobook: Though very enjoyable with an excellent female reader I think this is one I suggest you read.  Incarceron is actually very detailed in its setting and tends to be tiring to listen to leaving you a little confused on the jails attributes.