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Easy Book Review

Easy - Tammara Webber

Well, I've officially read my first New Adult novel. And after reading one its very easy to see the difference from a Young Adult novel- college aged characters, mature themes, "steamy" romance scenes, and overall extremely angsty. It reminds me of FanFiction really. 


Bad boy Lucas has always had a thing for Jacqueline. One night at a party Jacqueline is viciously attacked and Lucas steps in to save her from Buck, beating the shit out of him. The two instantly have a connection and work through Jacqueline's stress post attack. When Lucas isn't everything he's said to be their relationship becomes rocky and to make things worse Buck doesn't want to leave Jacqueline alone. 


Filled with ex-boyfriends, roommates, frats, badboys, and dark subjects, Easy is a fast paced read. 


This book was just okay to me. Nothing special but I didn't hate it. Nothing stood out and amazed me. I did like Lucas and enjoyed reading about college aged students instead of 16-17 year old's. It certainly leaves me wanting to read more from the New Adult genre.