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Hallow City Book Review

Hollow City - Ransom Riggs

*Spoilers for book one*


This is one of those series that everyone seems to like and I just am not that into. I was hoping that I would enjoy the second one more, but I think its the opposite.


Jacob, Emma, and the other peculiars have left the safety of their loop and are still on the run. Picking up right where book one left off we find them on the water and running away from evil. Now that Miss Peregrin is with them they learn they have three days to save her. In a race against time they run into gypsy's, hallows, peculiars, and more all while on the mission to save Miss Peregrin.


I have to give Ransom Riggs credit, he knows how to end books and make you want to read the next one. There's another fairly huge cliffhanger. In fact, I really wasn't enjoying this book until the end.


The chase and travel seemed long and really wasn't all that exciting for me. I think my biggest issue with this series is that I can't relate to any of the characters.


I did enjoy the scenes and blossoming relationship/friendship between Jacob and Emma as well as learning about the other peculiar's pasts'.


Though, not my favorite series, Riggs keeps me wanting to continue to the next book.


Audio book: Really dislike these books on audio. The reader has too deep of a voice to pull off a younger, teen male. Though he does accents and other voices well the deep voice always bothers me. I know there are pictures throughout the actual book, this audio has CD of them, but I wasn't deeply invested enough in the story to even look at the pictures.