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The Pride of Jared MacKade Review

The Pride of Jared Mackade - Nora Roberts

I do enjoy reading about each of the MacKade brothers. Rafe and Regan's story was the first book. In this one we read Jared's and Savannah's story. I, personally, found it easier to delve into Rafe and his girl. The characters seemed more intriguing and the storyline wasn't as cheesy.


Jared MacKade, lawyer and brother to Rafe is divorced. He soon meets Savannah Morningstar and her young son, Bryan. He's trying to figure her out and learns that she has a difficult background. Savannah wants to stay by herself and hates cops and lawyers immediately making her dislike Jared and his brothers. The two try to work together and manage a relationship.


This one didn't really click for me. It's much shorter than book one. I felt like we didn't really get to know the characters as well. The brothers aren't in it as much either. Savannah annoyed me, she's rude and inconsiderate to people she's only just met. I get that she's had a past, but not everyone is going to treat you like trash. Jared is definitely not my favorite MacKade brother and I really disliked how he treated Savannah at first.


The romance felt very rushed (yes, yes, I know its a romance novel and it always happens.) But, at least with Rafe, they had enough struggles and realistic plots that the romance felt real to me.


I did enjoy it for the most part and definitely look forward to reading the other MacKade books.