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The Waking Dark Book Review

The Waking Dark - Robin Wasserman

Like reading Dean Koontz or Steven King? Robin Wasserman's, The Waking Dark, is 100% your type of book. It's dark, it's gritty, violent, and graphic. I'm shocked it isn't talked about more just because of the material within.


The killing night happens. Killing twelve people in one day in small town, Oleander, Kansas. Then the tornado hits and lives are changed forever. The town is quarantined, people are infested, but they don't know what with.


There are characters upon characters in this book. It focuses on the town, not a single teenager. From, Cass, the normal girl turned killer, Jewel the child who's considered trailer trash because of her meth addicted family, West the gay football player, Daniel the boy who wants to protect his younger brother Milo, and Ellie grown up religious with the town's Deccan. They have nothing in common but are forced to work together when the town goes crazy and events they could never have predicted happen.


People, it is VIOLENT. I have never read a young adult book this descriptive and difficult to read. But, I loved that. It's so different from any other YA book out there (but, yes similar to adult books and authors like, King and Koontz). There is blood, sexual situations, homophobia, violence upon violence, and just about every "terrible" situation you could think of and worse. Do not read if you have a weak stomach.


Because there are so many characters (I lost count truthfully) the plot is a little all over the place at first. I started getting frustrated because it's hard to figure out what it is all leading up to. Just like Wasserman's, The Book of  Blood and Shadow its slow building, but worth reading to get to the end.


Audio Book: Definitely another one I am glad I listened to. Because of the slow build it would have taken me much longer to read this (if I ever even finished). The author was creepy and made the horror even more so.