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Sent Book Review

Sent  - Margaret Peterson Haddix

*Spoilers for Book One*


I absolutely loved the first one, Found, of this series. This one, book two, however is just not my favorite. It delves more into science fiction and history whereas I wanted more character and thought.


Picking up right where we leave off in book one, Jonah, Chip, and Catherine find themselves in fifteenth century, London. When kings ruled and women didn't have rights. This is Chip's time period and he's someone quite important in history. It's up to Jonah and his sister to make sure they don't change history and bring back Chip to the 21st century.


This series is perfect for middle grade-early high school boys. It has everything from mystery, adventure, science fiction, to historical fiction, and even a tad bit of romance. A little bit of something for everybody.


I find myself enjoying the mystery part of book one more than the science fiction and historical fiction setting of book two. We focused more on character and the aspect of being adopted, which I found interesting to read about. Book two focuses much more on the adventure aspect. Which is enjoyable...I suppose I was hoping for more.


I will certainly be listening to the rest of the series just to keep it in mind for an excellent series for readers advisory.


Audio book: Lot's of fun! Different voices throughout, the male voice didn't seem to deep to pull off middle school aged children. Certainly found myself laughing throughout because of the voices (that's a good thing)!