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Saphique Book Review

Sapphique (Incarceron) - Catherine Fisher

*Spoilers for Book One*


While the plot line is well written and the story finishes nicely (thank goodness it doesn't look like its a trilogy - I know I'm tired of reading them) I found this one just okay. Its long, has a lot of characters, and really never had me hooked.


Picking up after book one, Finn and Claudia, with the aide of Master Jared, find themselves having to convince the court that Finn is the real prince - especially when the queen brings an imposter in. Even Claudia isn't sure anymore. Outside Incarceron isn't quite what Finn expected.


Attia and Kiero are still stuck inside trying to get out. In order to escape they have to use Sapphique's special glove. All the while they think Finn has betrayed them and left them behind.


For me there are just too many characters. Four or five POV'S making the book rather heavy and somewhat daunting. I love Jared - especially his ending. Finn and Claudia are still somewhat dull for me (though I'm glad a heavy relationship is never really forced). Though, I felt I should have enjoyed them more because they are the main plot of the book.


Interesting enough and a great fantasy but not one of my favorites.


Audio Book: Even though I had a hard time really paying attention - especially midway through, the reader does an excellent job. I'm sure its a difficult one to read because of all the POV switches but she managed to make it easily noticeable which character was speaking.