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Sunrise Book Review

Sunrise - Mike Mullin

*Spoilers For Book One and Two*


Whew, I'm always glad to be done a series or trilogy. This one was really fun to read and there really was never a dull moment. That being said, it had its moments when I was easily frustrated. But overall, its certainly one I would recommend. Especially if you love nonstop action and post apocalyptic stories.


Alex, Darla, their families and friends are now getting used to living in post Yellowstone eruption. They are now trying to tackle making their own town and surviving in this new world. There isn't any more searching for parents or girlfriends, its pure survival mode for the entire story.


I enjoyed this book for the most part. Though, you definitely have to be able to enjoy his writing style as well.


 I do think the constant action was tiring, it felt like chapter after chapter ended with guns pointing at them or bullets flying everywhere. I would have liked it more if Mike Mullin focused more on the creation of the town and the actual survival rather than attack after attack. However, there are people who will love that, and that's the audience he is writing towards.


This definitely fulfills the series and has a rather good ending to the entirety of the trilogy. I'm not sure I like how fast Darla and Alex's relationship went, but for ending the books it fit the story well.


A really fun series to recommend to boys especially, and those that just want to read all the post apocalyptic books.