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Flygirl Book Review

Flygirl - Sherri L. Smith

Ever since reading, Code Name Verity, I've been interested in reading more about what woman did during WWII, especially that of woman pilots. Which I never knew was a thing. So I should definitely say I was holding this book up to par with Code Name Verity - a near impossible standard. While an enjoyable book the writing just isn't the best out there.


Ida Mae is black and wants to fly. Living in a time period where blacks and woman have no respect having this dream seems near impossible. When her father dies she only wants it that much more. Miraculously, she receives an acceptance letter into WASP - a woman pilot group. She heads to Texas and is forced to pretend to be someone she's not, but in hopes to live up her dream and fly it could all be worth it.


I really liked the concept, a black girl trying to become a pilot when the world is against her. However, the struggle sort of felt flat for me. Things seemed way too easy, everyone easily accepted she was of Spanish heritage (hence the light dark skin), she barely dealt with prejudice in the middle of Texas, and most of all no one found out her true heritage leaving it somewhat anti-climatic.


This is something I'd tell people who enjoy reading about this time period to try. It's an interesting look on different aspects and views in a not so fair world.