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Fallen Book Review

Fallen - Lauren Kate

I somewhat rushed through this book because it was due back to the library today (through my nook and automatically disappears) but thankfully its the type of book that's easy to do so, and one that I probably would have done so for anyhow. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews for this and I definitely get why, I enjoyed it for the most part, in the sense that I enjoyed Twilight at one point, and that others enjoy Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures, its your typical fantasy/paranormal romance.


It started the night of the fire, the fire that killed her boyfriend and left Lucinda (aka Luce) alive. The shadows came, she felt their presence and because no one else believed her, her parent's send her to a boarding school for "crazies" in hopes they're doing what's best for her.


There she befriends Arianna and Penny, makes enemies with Molly and meets the ever so strange Daniel. She knows there's something up with him but doesn't know what and can't help but feel that they've met before. All is not what it seems to be and Luce must learn to live in a completely new world from the one she's used to.


The  plot kept me interested enough to want to keep reading. Though, its not the most original storyline (very similar to Twilight, really) the fact that I didn't want to put the book down made it a worthwhile read.


I liked this book for what it was, a paranormal cheesy romance. It gave me what I expected out of it, and I'm interested enough to continue the series, more than I can say for Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures.