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World After Book Review

World After - Susan Ee

This is a popular series that just doesn't really do it for me. Sure, I enjoyed it enough. But I don't feel anything after reading it. More disappointed than anything. It's certainly not a terrible book, in fact its a fairly well written book but for some reason I can't get into this series.


Leaving off right after Angelfall, Penryn is left with her mother and sister Paige. Though, at first they think she's dead. They quickly realize that isn't the case. But the group of people they're with stay clear calling them all freaks. And now with Paige's monster like features whose to say they aren't. With Raffe's sword in hand and her sister on the loose as a scorpion like monster World After leaves you with a completely different feeling than Angelfall.


This book is bizarre. I was hoping for more Raffe and more angels. Instead we get more into the science fiction strangeness of the apocalypse, minion like scorpion creatures who were once human being a strong plot of the book. Raffe doesn't even appear until the very end of the book. I know I would have enjoyed this more if he were around the entire time.


It has moments where you're weird-ed out, cringing in disbelief, and even laughing at Penryn's humor. Certainly one that I'll recommend to people but unfortunately not my favorite apocalyptic series.