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Delirium Book Review

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

I was really quite surprised by this one! Easy to fall in love with and a fast paced read, though, listening to it always takes a little longer. Definitely going to become one of my favorite series.


Lena Holloway lives in a world where love is a disease, symptoms include nausea, headaches, spinning out of control.... and Lena believes it all. She can't wait until her procedure, to be cured of all symptoms. Turning 18 finally means she can't get sick. But when her best friend, Hannah starts to change, so does she. Then Alex turns up and Lena isn't so sure she wants the procedure anymore.


This was fantastic. There isn't a dull moment. Though yes its set in a Dystopian world, its clearly a love story, and with a theme where love is a disease, its rightly set and easily predicted to happen.


I'm thrilled to see that this is becoming a Hulu TV show (though, I won't pay for Hulu to watch it). The entire time listening to it I could easily see it done on screen, much like that of Divergent and The Hunger Games


I can't wait to start listening to the second book and am actually putting it on hold through the library right now. The cliffhanger leaves you desperate for more.


Audiobook: Perfect, perfect, perfect. This reader was amazing. I love when a reader is so into a movie you really feel and see what is happening. Action scenes were brought to life and love scenes were made real. Definitely a great one to listen to.