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Fugitive X Book Review

Fugitive X - Gregg Rosenblum

*Spoilers for Book One*


I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by this sequel of the Revolution 19 series. Book one honestly didn't do that much for me, it wasn't terrible and I enjoyed it, but it was very forgettable. I had to really think about what happened in the previous book, thankfully there were some easy reminders throughout this one. The writing style has improved, the story and plot is growing as are the characters. Definitely not a boring middle book of a trilogy.


The robot apocalypse is still looming. They're spreading and destroying more and more free posts. Siblings, Nick, Cass, and Kevin are on the run after escaping the city. They have no where to go and quickly end up separated, Nick wondering the woods, Kevin falls into a mysterious group of people on their own little Island, and Cass injured and taken into the city, in hopes they can heal her. They're own their own for the first time in their lives.


Switching viewpoints we see Nick, Cass, and Kevin's story throughout various chapters - I for one love when books have short, sweet, chapters. Mixed in were new viewpoints of Senior Adviser and those under him trying to find Fugitive X. I was left under the impression one of our main characters is Fugitive X? But, I guess that's going to be a big plot line in the final book which I will definitely be reading! Check it out if you like robots and apocalyptic stories, A series I'm going to keep in mind for those hesitant and reluctant readers.