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Prisoner B-3087 Book Review

Prisoner B-3087 - Alan Gratz

"But we have one purpose now: survive. Survive at all costs, Yanek. We cannot let those monsters tear us from the pages of the world."

These types of books are always heartbreaking to read. Every time I pick up a holocaust story I find it hard to take in how cruel humans can be, especially when reading about young children during this time. 


Meet Yanek, 10 years old when it all started. Based on a true story we see how Yanek lives through ten concentration camps, a ghetto, and death walks. His story of survival is amazing. Imagine living off bread, being forced to work hours on end, sharing barracks with a thousand other people, starvation, and sickness. Only the strongest and those able to work survive.


Though, this isn't my favorite of this genre, I found myself hooked on the story. Amazed that someone at this age found the will and strength to survive. I don't think I would have. It really puts things in perspective and makes you appreciate what you do have..


I wasn't too fond of the writing style but enjoyed reading Yaneks story of bravery and survival.