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Until I Die Book Review

Until I Die - Amy Plum

*Spoilers for book one*


I really enjoyed the first book of this series. This one, for the most part, bored me. For me, its easily one of those sophomore slumps in a series. There were a few somewhat adventurous and exciting scenes, but for the most part I felt like nothing really happened.


Kate is living in a totally new world, a world where revenants exist, one where who boyfriend is one. The numa's are growing more and more dangerous and Kate needs to learn to fight to protect herself. Vincent grows further apart wanting to keep her safe. All the while Kate is delving more and more into reventant history and secrets.,


I did appreciate that Kate is a strong woman and not a helpless damsel in distress. She wants to fight and her boyfriend teachers her how to. Unlike several other young adult series out there.


The problem I have is that most of this book was about random revenant pasts, secrets, a whole lot of romance, and a few exciting adventurous scenes. I felt myself skim reading a lot because i I did enjoy the ending and am interested enough to continue, but this definitely disappointed me compared to book one.