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Finding Me Book Review

Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings - Michelle Burford, Michelle Knight

This is obviously not a pleasant book to read, there's nothing enjoyable about it, except the fact that these three women survived. The only reason I decided to pick it up is because it is constantly checked out of my library and I wanted to know why. Now, I'm not going to give this a regular rating because I don't feel like it's right to judge what happened to these women. The writing isn't spectacular but the message is clear, if you have any suspicion about something strange or terrible happening call the police. You could be changing someone's life for the better.


Michelle Knight is worldly known as one of the survivors of the Cleveland kidnappers. She's outspoken and not afraid to tell her story. If you live in America you should very well remember hearing the story of their savior a year ago. This book tells the eleven years of Knights kidnapping. Eleven years she was gone and no one came to find her. She lives through hell and yet she survives.


That is the amazing thing about this story. How much Knight put up with and still wanted to survive. Her baby boy being the only thing keeping her alive and she hadn't seen him for yeas.


This book is absolutely not for everyone. It's extremely dark and a true story but very eye opening. Not the best writing style but a clear message spread across a terrible life.