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Impossible Knife of Memory Book Review

The Impossible Knife of Memory - Laurie Halse Anderson

Talk about disappointing. I normally love Laurie Halse Anderson and the fact that she writes about realistic, gripping, and grief stricken stories about teenagers. Impossible Knife of Memory is just that. But for some reason I couldn't get into the characters as much as Speak, Twisted, and Catalyst. Maybe its because I knew exactly what to expect from this story or maybe I'm finally getting too old to relate to these characters either way most of the book just bored me.


Hayley and her father have been on the move for years avoiding his post traumatic stress. But when they move back home Hayley hopes things will change. She's now stuck with actually going to school, her father's war PTSD is only getting worse. She starts making friends with Finn and people start to notice what is happening at home. Things won't be the same forever.


I do appreciate what this story brings. There are kids dealing with this everyday, especially with many soldiers coming home from Iraq. But, Hayley as a character was boring. I never felt anything for her, I didn't care what she was doing most of the story. Out of all the characters I think I enjoyed Finn the most.


Fans of Anderson will probably enjoy this story. Especially those teenage fans ready to read something they can relate to.