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Rebel Belle Book Review

Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

Rachel Hawkins delivers a witty, hysterical, and unique story within Rebel Belle. Its a quirky and fast paced read. Perfect for the summer.


Harper Price is the perfect high school girl, on the SGA, a cheerleader, dating a football player, straight A's and involved in everything. Her life is busy. But when prom comes around everything changes. She finds she has powers she never knew and is forced to work with her childhood enemy, David Stark. Her destiny and life change forever when the two find out more than they could ever imagine.


Price is an enjoyable character to read about. Everyone thinks she is perfect but of course no one ever is. Her quirks and teenage problems are enjoyable to read about and something everyone can relate to especially the relationship with David Stark. Added with humor and mystery makes this a quick and fun read.


It does look like there will be another book and I'll easily pick it up when it comes out. Looking forward to seeing where Harper's adventures take her next.