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Across The Universe Book Review

Across the Universe - Beth Revis

Talk about a fun and true science fiction young adult book. Anything science fiction these days is generally a very Dystopian novel - survival and trying to figure out what happened to society. Across The Universe is everything sci-fi, space ships, weird sexual creatures, with bonus twists and turns. I loved it. 


Amy and her parents agreed to be frozen for fifty years. When they awake they'll be on a new planet and living a new life. But when Amy is awoken and unfrozen fifty years earlier she's left on Godspeed in space for fifty years without her parents.


Elder is training to become the next Eldest - leader of the ship. When Amy awakens he immediately feels a connection (not necessarily a romantic one) and wants to get to know her. All the while wondering if he can trust Eldest and how he runs the ship. 


While I loved the story line, the twists the turns, the characters and the overall writing style, the ending does feel rushed. I left feeling a tad unsatisfied but interested enough to continue reading the rest of the series. Definitely an excellent debut novel and one to check out, especially for fans of science fiction.