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Immortal Rules Book Review

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa

I always find it interesting to see what an author can do with a world filled with vampires. Will they be pure evil? Will there be other creatures? How do they survive?


Julie Kagawa has managed to create a fairly terrifying world of vampires. She's descriptive, knows her world, and is able to draw us into believing people in her creation are terrified of these creatures. You're able to feel what they are feeling.


Allie is aware of how evil vampires are. She's unregistered and plans to stay that way. Running around, scavenging at night, leaving her grounds, she knows its dangerous but she does it anyway. When she finds all the food her group could use they risk it and head to the exact spot Allie found it. The trip doesn't go perfectly and vampires and rabids attack. Half her friends are lost and Allie is changed into a vampire. Her life is changed forever.


While I did enjoy this book, I still feel unsatisfied with vampire books as a whole. I want something where vampires are pure evil, they are terrifying and they are destroying humanity. I get tired of constantly. I'm tired of reading about the human turning into a vampire and falling in love with a human story.


As an overall story and character development I did enjoy Immortal Rules and am interested enough to read more of Kagawa's books and continue the series.