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Four Friends Book Review

Four Friends - Robyn Carr

This is my first Robyn Carr book and its very different from what I normally read. I have a few of her other books that I will probably try but this one just didn't do it for me. I partly think its because I couldn't relate to anything in the characters. Anyone who's in their thirty's or forty's, has experienced marriage, even divorce or any type of marriage difficulty will most likely find this read enjoyable.


Four Friends find themselves in different marriage issues, one getting a divorce, one husband cheats, one just wakes up and decides to leave. These four friends bond together and share their troubles and try to help one another while saving their marriages at the same time.


This book mainly focused on each family in different POV'S. Each friend talks about what is going on in their marriage and their family and how they are dealing with that situation. I wanted more bonding between the friends, more girls nights, etc. It needed more of what the title and description was trying to sell.


Even the ending left a little disappointing, nothing seemed solved and nothing seemed to have happened throughout most of the book. Something that someone who has experienced these situations and is married may enjoy. Carr is a very popular author that will always be read by general romance and contemporary authors.