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Witchling Book Review

Witchling - Yasmine Galenorn

Have you ever read one of those books that you wonder how they get published? A book that makes you shake your head at just about every sentence. Witchling, for me falls under this category. Too much going on in one novel, too many creatures, too many plots, and very little character development. The steamy "sexy" parts weren't even very entertaining.


Three sisters, half human and half fairy. One who turns into a werecat, one a vampire, and Camille, a witch. The three sisters have a mission from the Otherworld, to protect earth and stop Shadow Wing and his followers from entering. It's up to them to work together and use their powers.


By too many creatures I mean they had Kitsune, fairy's, dragons, demons, Sidhe, and even more,. All packed in one book. Nearly every other page introduced a new creature to fight,battle and work alongside. Too much packed into one book.


Some may enjoy this type of writing style and paranormal fantasy, but for me, it was not the case. I will not be reading anything else by this author or continuing the series. Finishing the first one was difficult enough as is.