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Escape from Mr. Lemencello's Library

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library - Chris Grabenstein

Wow. Talk about a fun Juvenile book! Do you love books? Do you love libraries? Do you love their programs and reading about everything exciting you can find in one of them. I highly, highly recommend this fun library adventure. It's an easy read, quick to breeze through and something you love to enjoy.


Kyle Keeley isn't the hardest working student in the 7th grade. He's the class clown, goofs off and just wants to have fun. Even when the chance comes to enter an essay to win an attendance to the opening and lock-in of a brand new, million dollar made library, Kyle just writes one sentence about balloons. He somehow wins and joins his friends in a lifetime game in the library. They have to follow the clues to find their way out of the library.


I loved this book. It took me about two hours to breeze through because it was so much fun! Filled with different rooms for each Dewey section, children's rooms, technology rooms, and more, this library is what every librarian dreams of having.


The best part about this book is that it teaches kids how to use the Dewey Decimal System, they can figure out the clues along with Kyle and his friends all while learning. Fantastic and definitely a favorite. A book every library must have in their collection.