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Soul Survivor Book Review

Soul Survivor - Michelle  Nicole

Sigh, it's been some time since I have picked up a book and fell in love with. This one did nothing for me. The writing style bothered me, the poor character development is obvious, and the story is bland.


We meet Hailee, a normal girl going off to college and getting ready to experience life without home. That is until she meets Alex a boy she quickly falls for. We soon learn he isn't normal and his lies and everything about her and her life changes. She isn't just that normal school girl anymore.


Ugh, first of all the insta-love is annoying. Alex and Hailee meet and then within two or three days are in a heavy, heated love struck relationship with zero character development. Yea, not a fan.


Then there's a triangle, Seth, who we know as Darkness is the one Hailee is supposed to fall in love with. Not a big fan.


The writing style is very, very simple and didn't draw me in, that added with the boring characters and bland storyline made it hard to enjoy. Not to mention the layout of the book (filled with random necessary spaces and poorly edited)/ I did finish it but I will not be continuing the series and will probably not be reading anything else by this author.